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Aliosha Kafedjyiski
Aliosha Kafedjyiski
Plastic II
Aliosha Kafedjyiski
Aliosha Kafedjyiski
Drowing 1
Aliosha Kafedjyiski


Born in 1937 in Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria
Graduated in Sculpture from the National Academy of Art in Sofia in 1964

Selected solo exhibitions:
1999 Municipal Art Gallery, Osterweich, The Netherlands
1999 Art Gallery "General Bank, Dordrecht, The Netherlands
1998 Art Gallery "Lucas, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1997 Art Gallery "Alexander, Sofia, Bulgaria
1995 Art Gallery "Altex No.l, Manheim, Germany
1991 Delemont, Sweden
1991 Bulgarian Cultural Center, Moscow
1988 Sharlotenburg, Denmark

Selected group exhibitions:
2006 – 2000 Festival "August in arts", Varna, Bulgaria
1998, 1976 Art Gallery "Shipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria
1988 City Art Gallery, Balchik, Bulgaria
1985 City Art Gallery, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria
1983 Little Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
1980 City Art Gallery, Dobrich, Bulgaria
1977 City Art Gallery, Silistra, Bulgaria

Selected awards:
2007 Honorary golden award, awarded by the Mayor of the city of Varna for contribution to the culture in Varna, Bulgaria
2007 Prize for overall art work of Art Museum Georgi Velchev, Varna, Bulgaria
1986, 1984, 1980, 1979, 1978, 1973 Prizes of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Bulgaria
1981 2nd prize at the National Exhibition in Veliko Tarnovo
1979, 1976, 1974 Prize Varna for sculpture, Bulgaria
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