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Stoimen Stoilov
Natural motif
Stoimen Stoilov
Man and animal
Stoimen Stoilov
A man and an animal II
Stoimen Stoilov


1944 Born in Varna, Bulgaria
1972 Graduated from The National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria.
1991 His studio in Varna is burnt to the ground. Numerous works are lost.
Settles in Vienna, Austria.

Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, USA.

Print Biennale, Varna (Bulgaria); Europe Art, Geneva (Switzerland); International Print Triennial, Chamallieres (France); Biennale des artistes jurassiens, Delemont (Switzerland); Print Biennale, Ljubljana (Slovenia); Salon d`automne, Paris (France), Print Biennale, Fredrikstad (Norway); Print Biennale, Krakow (Poland); International Print Exhibition, Biella (Italy); Art Expo, New York (USA); Salon du dessin et de la peinture a l`eau, Paris (France); Print Biennale, Sao Paolo (Brazil); Biennale, Brno (Czech Republic); Biennale, Bratislava (Slovakia).

1991 Gottfried von Herder Prize for his complete works, University of Vienna (Austria).
Price at the 2nd Print triennial, Chamallieres (France).
1985 Grand Pix for Bulgarian Participants at the 3rd Print Biennale, Varna (Bulgaria)
1984 Vermeil Medal for Prints at Art Expo, New York (USA), granted by the Foundation Bilan de l`art contemporain.
1983 The Iliya Perov Grand Prix for Mural Painting, awarded by the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia (Bulgaria).
1982 Silver Medal at the International Exhibition in Leipzig (Germany).
1976 Grand Prix of the Biennale, Brno (Czech Republic).
He has been awarded many other national prizes for print and drawing.

Austria Museum of Graphic Art Albertina, Vienna
Ministry of Foreign affairs, Vienna
Bulgaria The National Art Gallery, Sofia
Municipal Museum of Art, Varna
Columbia The National Museum of Art, Bogota
France Biblioteque nationale de France, Paris
Fonds national d`art contemporain, Paris
Art Dialogue Foundation, Paris
Germany Museum of Art Villa Merkel, Esslingen
Museum of Graphic Art of The Schreiner Foundation, Bad Steben
Museum of the City of Wendlingen
Ludwig Forum, Aachen
Norway National Gallery of Art, Oslo
Russia Pushkin Museum of Art, Moscow
Switzerland Museum of Art, Moutier
Tunisia National Library, Tunis
USA Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
New York Public Library
University of Princeton
University of Yale
Strozier Library (Florida)
Florida Atlantic University (Jaffe Collection)
Middteburry College (Starr Library).

Gallery 8
9000 Varna, St. Shkorpil 8A:: phone: 052/612 675:: e-mail:
Contact: Boris Statelov